i’m the type of person who will miss you to death but won’t do anything about it because i don’t want to seem like the desperate one

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some dude started throwing pebbles at my window so i went over and opened it and he was like “oh shit you’re not my girlfriend” in a very obviously intoxicated way and I said no, probably not and he asked me if I wanted to be his new girlfriend since he couldn’t remember where her house was and I said no thank you 

okay so he left and came back and threw rocks again and I opened my window and he was like “sHIT this still isnt her house”

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Brendon Urie realizing he shouldn’t have just said “whore” during an on-air performance.

This always makes me happy.



introducing myself in the first day of school


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One time in sixth grade I was being bullied really badly, and this whole circle of people gathered around me and the girl that was bullying me, and she smirked and went ‘You dumb rich bitch.’ And everyone was like OOOOOOH and I stood there for a second before pulling 20 dollars out of my wallet, placed it in her hand, and said “Buy some better insults.” And I swear the entire lunchroom rioted.

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life is all about tough decisions

getting enough sleep or staying on the internet

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Sometimes I get so angry or so upset that I feel completely numb. I just stare into space, hiding in my imagination of how things are supposed to be. Reality becomes a blur. Those moments are probably the best experiences I’ve had; I don’t feel as if I’m on earth anymore.

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The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made. Groucho Marx (via feellng)
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Dorm Haul Part 2 - How Do You Uninstall School?
Since you guys totally freaked out (in a good way) over our first Dorm Haul post, we thought we’d do another one focused on dorm room essentials.
There’s nothing better than coming home from class to your cozy bed and beautifully decorated room (or half of room). It makes your day so much better, including an awesome place to kick back and relax.
Here’s our top 6 picks to help you style your space!
1) Plum & Bow Skull Flower Duvet Cover

2) Jonathan Adler Universal Smart Phone Dock

3) DENY Designs ‘Take Me There’ Duvet Cover & Shams

4) Nasty Gal HOLA Doormat

5) Urban Outfitters Dreamcatcher

6) Kate Spade New York “Start Something New” Scented Candle

Cover Image: Plum & Bow Magical Thinking Meadow Paisley Medallion Duvet Cover
Happy #BTS!
Love, Wantering Editors
  • Guy on train: I'd fuck you if you didn't have so many tattoos.
  • Me: *turns up music*
  • Guy: I said I'd fuck you if you didn't have so many tattoos!
  • Me: *takes off headphones* Leave. Me. Alone.
  • Guy: Why the fuck do you have so many tattoos?
  • Me:
  • Guy: Are you fucking deaf as well as a piece of trash?
  • Lady by door: Hey. Leave her alone.
  • Guy: Are you her trash girlfriend? Fucking dykes, all tattooed like fucking men. Disgusting waste of pussy.
  • Lady: *moves forward, carefully moves jacket so only I can see the badge on her belt* Are you okay?
  • Me: Fine. Just wish he'd go away.
  • Lady cop: I can make that happen.
  • Guy: Oh, yeah, bitch? Who the fuck are you? I'll kill you!
  • Lady cop: And that's what I was waiting for. *grabs guy, holds him against the door* Harassing women on the train was enough, but you just threatened a cop. You're battin' a thousand tonight.
  • Entire train: *applauds*
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